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Trenton Makes The World Takes

John Ahn, Store Manager, Food Bazaar (Bogopa Trenton)

Food Bazaar goes to great lengths to provide the Trenton community with individual attention for its cuisine. The firm makes connections throughout the world in order to provide the residents with the back home flavors they love. The store provides everyday staples and hard to find imported goods familiar to shoppers from others countries. The 3.5% sales tax on goods provides an added incentive for local customers to visit the store. –

Sue Adams, Director - Customer Service, Yale Electric Supply Co.

Customers are willing to drive into the UEZ zones to save money on Sales Tax.  When we did not have the UEZ tax we did notice a little decrease in business.  People  request to purchase in a UEZ zone through various contractors.

Gary M. Hochschild ~ President G.M.H. Associates of America, Inc.

The UEZ status is the entire reason we have not moved out of Trenton. With numerous break ins and tight quarters we were considering moving to the suburbs but when taken into account the UEZ tax credits they more than outweigh the other factors. Should the UEZ go away we would then again have to reevaluate our position but for now we’re set on Trenton as out northern home base with Onancock, Va. Being out Central Atlantic coverage office.

What’s New


Trenton created a marketing fund that can be used by Trenton UEZ staff to promote UEZ businesses or groups of UEZ businesses can use it to promote themselves.



  • Can be used to match marketing campaigns that promote Trenton UEZ businesses done by third party groups like the Latino Merchants Association, the Trenton Downtown Association, Isles, the Broad Street Coalition, the Guatemalan Merchant Association, etc.  It can also be used to support groups of UEZ businesses who want to undertake their own marketing activity.
  • The amount funded would be capped at 50% of the eligible project cost or $500 per Trenton UEZ business included in the marketing campaign/activity, whichever is lower. 
  • At least four UEZ businesses must be featured in the marketing activity.
  • Third-party projects cannot be structured to replace budgets for marketing activities already underway and can only be used for new projects or expansions of old non-UEZ projects. 
  • We are creating a UEZ Event Fund.  Projects may apply for one or the other, but not both.
  • For recurring fund requests, a sufficient return on investment needs to be shown for previous marketing activity.
  • So we can insure the funds can be spread around to various entities, an entity can submit one application a year.
  • Grant funds cannot be dispersed to a for-profit organization that is run by the Mayor, any member of the Cabinet, the City Council or staff members in the Department of Housing and Economic Development.
  • These guidelines may change or be clarified as the program progresses.



  • Complete the following application.
  • Include the City of Trenton and the Urban Enterprise Zone as sponsors on all promotional materials.  The seal of the City, the logo for the UEZ and the logo for Shop Trenton will all be made available. 
  • Design a method to measure revenues generated.  Work with the featured UEZ businesses to capture this information.  Provide quarterly reports measuring the return on investment of the marketing campaign/activity.   These could include coupon turn-ins or a systematic asking of customers what brought them to the UEZ business.
  • After the marketing campaign, provide a report that includes the entire budget for the marketing, including a breakdown of income sources.


UEZ business "Guatepan" wins as People of Trenton's Favorite Bakery

WE HAVE A WINNER--after essentially a four-way tie, the 12 community judges have chosen their favorite Trenton Bakery--GUATEPAN. "The Pan Dulce are outrageous." "OMG the cakes are SOOOOO good " "a delicious Palmier with delicate pastry layers and caramelized sugar…delightful!" "My favorite place to get cakes  Congratulations!" "Omg! Such good dessert " "I love them!!" Drop in to Guatepan at 400 Genesee and tell them congratulations! If you want to participate in other categories as a judge, comment below or DM me. Trenton's Favorite Bartender is up next. Thank you to all the judges for supporting Trenton businesses! Here's a photographic tour of the month of judging. If you want to take your own self-guided tour, the bakeries were.

  • Bakery las Delicias, 876 Beatty
  • Braulio's Bakery and Restaurant, 19 Anderson, Trenton
  • Guatepan Bakery, 400 Genessee, Trenton
  • Italian People's Bakery, 63 Butler Street, Trenton
  • La Cabana Bakeshop, 3 Dayton, Trenton
  • Royal Cakes and Cafe, 240 East State Street, Trenton


By Joining the UEZ you have benefits that are exclusive to the certified UEZ businesses. Some of those benefits are:


Tax Free Purchases: UEZ gives you the perk of buying items for your business with up to 100% sales tax free. Annual savings of up to $6,625 on your first $100,000.

Trenton UEZ Marketing Fund: Groups of UEZ Businesses (minimum of 4) can apply to get reimbursements on marketing projects. Email Eric Maywar for more information at emaywar@trentonnj.org.

Energy Sales Tax Exemption: Available through NJEDA for large manufacturers.

Reduced Sales Tax: Eligible businesses can charge sales tax at half the current rate to your customers.