UEZ business “Guatepan” wins as People of Trenton’s Favorite Bakery


WE HAVE A WINNER–after essentially a four-way tie, the 12 community judges have chosen their favorite Trenton Bakery–GUATEPAN.

“The Pan Dulce are outrageous.” “OMG the cakes are SOOOOO good ” “a delicious Palmier with delicate pastry layers and caramelized sugar…delightful!” “My favorite place to get cakes  Congratulations!” “Omg! Such good dessert ” “I love them!!”

Drop in to Guatepan at 400 Genesee and tell them congratulations!

If you want to participate in other categories as a judge, comment below or DM me. Trenton’s Favorite Bartender is up next.

Thank you to all the judges for supporting Trenton businesses!

Here’s a photographic tour of the month of judging. If you want to take your own self-guided tour, the bakeries were.

  • Bakery las Delicias, 876 Beatty
  • Braulio’s Bakery and Restaurant, 19 Anderson, Trenton
  • Guatepan Bakery, 400 Genessee, Trenton
  • Italian People’s Bakery, 63 Butler Street, Trenton
  • La Cabana Bakeshop, 3 Dayton, Trenton
  • Royal Cakes and Cafe, 240 East State Street, Trenton